Darryl M Bell
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It's only Tuesday and I'm looking at the clock every hour waiting to see Infinity War! #MarvelComics #marvel… https://t.co/YajODQojwx
Thank you Chi-town! Always good to be back in the Windy City! #SundayMorning #southsidekid https://t.co/DfAO9oWw8t
I watch Full Metal Jacket for too many reasons to list. Chief among them was the performance of R. Lee Ermey. It ma… https://t.co/m2GxXmI0ZJ
More sad news with the passing of Winnie Mandela. For the entire 27 years, she did not let the world forget Nelson… https://t.co/6bO20BYDmk
This Easter Sunday I'm saddened to learn of the passing of legendary, writer, producer and show creator Steven Boch… https://t.co/6Gg61Ivb5e


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