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A Different World

A Different World premiered in the fall of 1987 on NBC.  Over the span of six seasons, A Different World depicted life at Hillman College, a fictitious school modeled after an Historically Black College or University or HBCU. Always a ratings powerhouse, A Different World was unique for a situation comedy by dealing with many topical and often, controversial subjects like: domestic violence, Apartheid, war, racism, discrimination and AIDS. 

A Different World’s most enduring legacy will be that during it’s initial run, enrollment tripled in HBCUs. Hundreds of young people attributed their decision to pursue a college education directly to watching A Different World.

It was a joy to walk into work everyday with Jasmine Guy, Kadeem Hardison, Dawnn Lewis, Sinbad, Cree Summer, Charnele Brown, Glynn Turman, Lou Meyers, Jada Pinket Smith and countless other talented and gifted artists.

A day at work became a master class when given the opportunity to share the stage with luminaries like Diahann Carroll, Mary Alice, Phylicia Rashad, Rosalind Cash, Robert Guillaume, Richard Roundtree, Michael Warren, Gladys Knight, Obba Babtunde, Whoopi Goldberg, Roxie Roker, Billy Dee Williams and the incomparable Lena Horne.

Produced by Marcy Carsey and Tom Werner, creatively guided by our head writer Susan Fales and under the direction and artistic nurturing of the multi-talented, award winning Debbie Allen, A Different World became the unexpected hit that has continued to entertain and educate audiences in syndication for over twenty years.

A special acknowledgement to Marisa Tomei and the star for whom A Different World was created, Lisa Bonet.