Darryl M Bell
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Comic book fans, movie fans and storytellers will miss Stan Lee. He was a superhero! I hope they have CGI ready for… https://t.co/UqyCZVfkwA
I punched all of the right holes and my voice was heard! That was the high of yesterday. Now the day after...lawd..… https://t.co/AtBztLzHHc
Today is the day! Get out! And I don't mean the Jordan Peele film (it is terrific though) I mean get out and VOTE! https://t.co/VbjatBae3o
This weekend is the perfect time to READ! Get your voter information guide and READ it! The REGISTER (if you haven'… https://t.co/kPk7Om6wmN
It's Sunday, I'm writing emails, planning my week and evaluating goal progress. Ok, sure...the tv may be on NFL foo… https://t.co/oPqSdpSi8p
Darryl M Bell